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October, 2019: Supplementary Regional Labour Market Information Resources

ESC’s Labour Market Information Training is supported and informed by the current, regional LMI resources of our partners. We encourage you to use and share these sites as new and updated information is provided frequently. We welcome additions to this list – please send us your favourite current LMI:

New Video: The New Normal: Precarious Work in London. London Poverty Research Centre, King’s College (23 minutes)

NEW: Local Jobs Hub: an all-in-one online tool for job seekers across London and Elgin, Middlesex, and Oxford Counties. It helps match local job seekers with employers, skills building and training in the region.

Labour Force Participation in London Economic Region – Follow-up study (2019)

LEPC Research Reports: Each explores the evolution of skills required to be successful in key employment sectors, in order to better prepare current and future job seekers for changing demands in these occupations.

  1. Transportation & Logistics Report (October 2016)
  2. Exploring Agriculture (September 2016)
  3. Advanced Manufacturing (November 2016)
  4. Shopping the Retail Sector (December 2016)
  5. Personal Support Workers in Health Care (January 2017)
  6. Skilled Trades in the Construction Sector (May, 2017)

Learning for Life Tool: The Learning for Life Tool is a free, online, searchable, decision-tree based catalogue of adult education opportunities in Elgin County, Middlesex County, and Oxford County, including the cities of London, Woodstock, and St. Thomas. To provide you with customized recommendations, the Tool will ask you a series of questions, and recommend local adult education and training opportunities based on your answers.

LEPC Fact Sheets: Find out what type of education and skills are needed for occupations within major sectors in our region.

LEPC Employment Videos: Watch industry experts explain what they look for when recruiting new talent. or the LEPC YouTube Channel

  • Careers in Finance (retail)
  • Careers in Agriculture
  • Manufacturing Careers
  • Digital Technology Careers
  • Health Care Careers
  • Careers in Transportation provides work trends and labour market information for Job Seekers, Employers/HR Professionals, Educators/Career Counsellors, and Students.

New: Labour Market Fact sheet - London Economic Region - August 2019

*New:an important addition made to the site are the Industry and Occupation Outlook Reports which forecast the future evolution of the labour market in London Economic Region. All feedback can be sent to or Emilian Siman,

Start here with a video on How to find and use the outlook reports …

You can access the outlook reports through the following links:

Occupational outlook Reports (NOC) Industry Outlook Reports (NAICS)
1111 - Financial Auditors and Accountants

1121 - Human Resources Professionals

1123 - Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations

1414 - Receptionists

2171 - Information systems analysts and consultants

3012 - Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

3413 - Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates

4212 - Social and Community Service Workers

4214 - Early Childhood educators and Assistants

6211 - Retail sales supervisors

6311 - Food Service Supervisors

6322 - Cook

7237 - Welders and related machine operators

9418 - Other metal products machine operators

236 - Construction of Buildings

237 - Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

238 - Specialty Trade Contractors

333 - Machinery Manufacturing

336 - Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

416 - Building material and supplies merchant wholesalers

417 - Machineries, Equipment, and Supplies merchant wholesalers

444 - Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers

453 - Miscellaneous Store Retailers

484 - Truck transportation

524 - Insurance carriers and related activities

541 - Professional, scientific and technical services

561 - Administrative and Support Services

611 - Educational services

621 - Ambulatory health care services

622 - Hospitals

623 - Nursing and residential care facilities

624 - Social Assistance

713 - Amusement, gambling and recreation industries

722 - Food services and drinking places

New: Labour market facts - London Economic Region – March, 2019

New: Report on the Internet Job Posting in London Economic Region – Oct. to Dec. 2018

Find the most popular Internet Job Postings and jobs in demand, in the London Economic Region, by quarter.

Additional Industry and Occupation Reports can be found on the – Resources Page, including.

  • Health Care and Social Assistance Sector Report (March 2015)
  • Information and Communications Technology Sector (November 2014)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Careers to Discover (February 2013)
  • Industry & Employment Analysis in the SCOR region (October 2012)
  • Manufacturing (August 2013)
  • Tourism Sector Report (September 2014)
  • Agriculture and Agri-food Sector Report (May 2014)

The annual EmployerOne Survey collects information about regional employers and their workforce successes and challenges, skills shortages, hard-to-fill jobs, education and training needs, and other issues.

NEW: EmployerOne Survey Results (2019)

New: An interactive view of the labour force characteristics by county (Elgin, Middlesex, Oxford)

New: An interactive visualization of Employer One Survey Results of 2019, by geography

New: Infographics based on Employer One Survey Results  - 2019, by sector:

New: Online Jobs Posting Reports: Q1 of 2019 and Q2 of 2019

New: Online Job Postings with Local Maps:  Q1 of 2019 and Q2 of 2019

London Economic Region Results (2018)

Middlesex County Results (2018)

Elgin County Results (2018)

Oxford County (2018)

Focus on Manufacturing (2018)

Hard to Fill Jobs (2016)

London&Area Works is a partnership between ESC, LEPC, LEDC, The City of London, and other, and provides information about growing industries and sector opportunities.

Additional Information

New: City of London’s Community Data Research Group (CDRG) has just released:

About London Thematic Report 2:  Employment and Labour Force Participation August 2019

New: Literacy Link South Central proudly presents to you "The A Word" video series.

The videos run between 20-30 minutes each and would make a great lunch and learn (food for thought) for staff. We hope they become the foundation for an ongoing Apprenticeship conversation. Video topics include:

  • Building the capacity of service providers
  • What clients need to know
  • Working together to support people who are on the path to Apprenticeship

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