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Labour Market Information Council (LMIC) The Labour Market Information Council has a mandate to provide Canadians with current, reliable and accessible labour market information to help facilitate their decision-making. Data, newsletters, articles.
ONTARIO'S LABOUR MARKETMarch 2019 snapshot, Search job profiles,
Labour market reports, College graduate outcomes, (Employment Profile), University graduate outcomes, Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey
FLMM GUIDES FOR CAREER & EMPLOYMENT PROFESSIONALSThe Forum of Labour Market Ministers (FLMM) LMI Working Group "recently updated their Labour Market Information Product and Service Delivery Guidelines. These guidelines present a framework for the development, dissemination and use of quality LMI, to ensure it is reliable, consistent and comparable across LMI providers, and that it respects legislation governing privacy and equity. These voluntary standards enable consumers to make informed decisions about their work and life situations and provides Canadian organizations with a tool to evaluate LMI and career-related initiatives."